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Taxidriver Frankfurt 2My name is Ayhan Gök. I am a taxi driver (or cab driver) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I am a self-employed and have no employees, so I can offer the service that I expect for my clients.

I became a taxi driver and have the appropriate certificates since 1993. The certificates are the passenger transport license and proof of successful completion of the local knowledge test.

and Experienced

Taxi Navigation 22006 I have started my business with my own license. As you can see from these numbers, I'm very well experienced in cab driving and have outstanding knowledge of Frankfurt am Main and the Rhein-Main area.

And if it does not work, I have the navigation device Becker map with the latest map material.


Taxi TachoIt#s important to me to be friendly and professional. Usually I drive Monday to Friday daytime 8-18 clock. But of course you can book me on other times, but need to make a reservation. I offer city tours, airport transfers and courier rides.

I drive slow and controlled. If it is to go fast times, I can be fast on the road, but again I certainly will pay attention to the traffic rules.

I speak German very well. English and Turkish I speak fluently.

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Route A taxi driver has not only to pay attention to the traffic, but also to be familiar with geography, maps and navigation devices. A spatial reasoning should already be given. A sudden congestion to find alternative routes for traffic jams should be expected.


AirportMost of the rides I have in Frankfurt, Frankfurt Airport and the places right around Frankfurt. Trips to Frankfurt Airport Rhein-Main are among my specialty. I know all the terminals well, I know myself very well in the distance and directions to it an even know almost all gates.


DriveMost of my regular customers go once a week to the airport or driving to targets with about 50 kilometers. Furthermore, I travel around in these larger towns around Frankfurt. First, of course Offenbach, then Bad Homburg, Oberursel, Hofheim, Kelsterbach, Mörfelden-Walldorf, Rüsselsheim, Neu-Isenburg, Dietzenbach, Rodgau, Maintal and Bad Vilbel. But also rides to Wiebaden, Mainz, Darmstadt, Aschaffenburg or Mannheim, Heidelberg come very often.

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Bridge According to Wikipedia, the definition of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Region is not clearly stated. Incidentally, this region is often called metropolitan region Frankfurt / Rhein-Main (Rhine-Main). My definition covers in the center Frankfurt and Offenbach, Mainz and Wiesbaden in the west, in the south Darmstadt, in the east Hanau and Aschaffenburg. In the north, it stretches to Friedberg and even further.


Skyline Of course I drive you anywhere where you want to go. My farest rides were Amsterdam and Eindhoven abroad and Hannover, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Cologne and Würzburg in Germany. I love to have far destination trips because I can thus meet all other areas in Germany and Europe.


ECO-FRIENDLYSince April 2020 I am driving my Mercedes S Class. My regular customers are very happy about the stylish comfort.

The taxi is regularly maintained by Mercedes contract workshop. I carry out all legally inspections and maintain further more. My taxi is washed weekly outside and inside.